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Bonded by Thorns
Beasts of the Briar Book 1

Four beastly princes. One awkward bookworm. An enchanted world of fae, magic, and danger.

I’ve always loved fairytales. I never imagined I'd actually be in one.

When my father wanders into the enchanted realm of the fae, I know I have to go after him. And when he gets imprisoned, I'll do anything to save him... Even trade my freedom for his. I had no idea I'd end up imprisoned by four sexy fae who turn into beasts at night.

I have to win my freedom, and that means making a bargain with them. They must find their mates in order to break the curse. If I can help them do that, they'll set me free. Sounds simple, right?

It's not. Because against my better judgment, I'm starting to fall for these beastly princes. One is smart and sweet, the other mysterious and deadly, another flirty and confident, and the last prince... He's handsome, strong, has a wicked temper, and is dead-set against breaking the curse. Why does he want to keep me here forever?

But it's not just my freedom on the line. If I don't break the princes' curse soon, all the magic in the Enchanted Vale will be stolen by the evil—and stupidly hot—Prince of Thorns. And I'm not letting my princes stay cursed.

Not after I've fallen in love with them.

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Woven by Gold
Beasts of the Briar Book 2

I’ve been rejected by my mate and banished from the fae realm. But nothing will keep me from my princes…. And nothing will keep them from me.

I was living the most ordinary life… until I found myself in the fae realm, imprisoned in an enchanted castle by four princes who turn into deadly beasts at night. As I grew to understand them and their world, I couldn’t stop myself from falling for them. But living in a fairy tale isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Especially when Keldarion, the prince I know to be my fated mate, forces me back to the human realm. I don’t know what he’s hiding, but I’ll do everything I can to get back to him and my other beasts.

And I have to hurry, because my princes need me. When Ezryn, Dayton, and Farron discover Keldarion lied to them about my disappearance, fur will fly. And we have to be united to face the coming challenges. A frost has fallen over the Autumn Realm and the blame is placed on Keldarion. Farron, the High Prince of Autumn, has been accused as a conspirator and lost all control of his lands and people. Unless the four High Princes can stop the terrible winter and prove Keldarion is not to blame, open war will tear across the Enchanted Vale. Throw in a wicked bargain with the Prince of Thorns (who won’t stop talking in my head), my jerky ex-fiancé who doesn’t understand the word ‘no’, and the terrible curse that gets worse each day… Yeah, we’ve got problems. Not to mention that every day that passes, I’m losing more of my heart to each of the princes, despite the fact I know it only puts me in danger.

Now, more than ever, I will need to find my courage and help Farron, the High Prince of Autumn, stop this war. And I will be right by his side… as long as he doesn’t kill me first.

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Forged Temp Cover.jpg
Forged by Malice
Beasts of the Briar Book 3

Release Date and Synopsis Coming Soon

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Prince of the Arena
Beasts of the Briar Prequel Short Story

A free prequel novella to Bonded by Thorns for our newsletter subscribers.

Before the curse, Farron travels to the Summer Realm to watch Dayton compete in the Solstice Games.

prince of the arena novella cover 2.jpg
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