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Fan Art & Licensing  Policy

We are eager to work with brands hoping to create merchandise for the Beasts of the Briar world, such as candles, clothing, bookmarks, and more. Please read this page thoroughly then e-mail our merchandising agent Valentina to start the process! We can't wait to hear from you!


Elizabeth Helen and Luna Fox Press retain all copyrights in their Creative Works. This means no copies, no derivative works, no distribution, and no public display. A “derivative work” is a work based upon one or more of  a Luna Fox Press property. Additionally, and to further clarify, this means that Elizabeth Helen DOES NOT permit public displays of any text of art from any of their works. Any license or permission to use any intellectual property from Luna Fox Press, or permission to claim that fan art/fiction/product is “official,” MUST BE IN WRITING and is otherwise invalid. This is the default. Some exceptions are described below.

Permitted Fan Art/Fiction (Exceptions to the Default):

ALLOWED COMMERCIAL FAN ART USES (without getting a licence)

  • You may sell physical art prints and stickers only of visual fan art (paintings, digital creations, images printed on paper of sculptures you’ve made physically or digitally) only if the visual fan art is not (and does not include) a copy (or substantial copy, e.g., a manual/hand reproduction of distinctive artistic elements) of any of our copyrighted artwork.

    • In other words, you can sell physical prints and stickers of your original visual depictions of characters and scenes based on the text of our books, but you can’t copy visual artwork from our books such as book covers, interior art, symbols, and maps.

All other uses of our books for commercial use require a license, please see below for more details​.

  • Visual art (e.g., prints, digital, 3D, sculpture, etc.) that does not include a whole, partial, or substantial copy of any visual art from a Luna Fox Press property. To further clarify: copying or substantial copying (even by hand or non-automated means) of any Elizabeth Helen books visual art (e.g., print, digital, picture, book cover, poster, map, logo, etc.) is never permitted. What is permitted: creation of an original digital or physical print work that illustrates a scene, character, or object. These allowed works are referred to below as “Allowed Visual Fan Art.”

    • Permitted Non-commercial Use: The following uses of Allowed Visual Fan Art are permitted as long as there is no direct or indirect compensation (financial or otherwise) for such use: (i) electronic distribution; or (ii) making and/or distributing of no more than five (5) physical prints or stickers.

    • Permitted Commercial Use. The following uses of Allowed Visual Fan Art are permitted: (i) Making and selling, upon commission, a physical original of Allowed Visual Fan Art; and (ii) making, distributing, selling, and publicly displaying stickers and/or physical prints of Allowed Visual Fan Art. Sales or distribution of any other items displaying or incorporating Allowed Visual Fan Art, e.g., t-shirts, apparel, mugs, plushies, pins, jewelry, figures, phone accessories, replicas, etc., ARE NOT permitted.

    • Notice for Title or Description. Titles or written descriptions of Allowed Visual Fan Art must include a conspicuous notice in substantially the following form: “Unofficial fan art illustrating [character, place, etc.] from [book or series] by Elizabeth Helen.”

  • Fiction. Uncompensated (direct or indirect) creation, copying, and/or distribution of one-off works of modest-length fan fiction based on a Luna Fox Press property is permitted. Serials (comics or otherwise), sequential art, or fan fiction works of significant length works ARE NOT permitted. Copying of text (other than non-distinctive text of insignificant length) from a Luna Fox Press property IS NOT permitted. Selling fan fiction or fan comics (including receipt of advertising revenue for posting, displaying, or otherwise making available fan fiction) IS NEVER permitted.

    • Any permitted fan art/fiction must include in the title, or in a similarly conspicuous location, a notice substantially similar to the following: “unofficial fan [art or fiction] based on [book or series] written by Elizabeth Helen.”

  • Music. Music that repeats text or detailed storylines or excerpts from a Luna Fox Press property is not permitted.

Licensing Inquiries

  • Please reach out to JABberwocky Literary Agency with any inquiries about product licensing.

  • Please be aware that inquiring about the necessary license(s) before investing significant resources in designing and/or manufacturing a product avoids the unfortunate and unpleasant circumstance of being forced to walk away from your efforts when a license is unavailable.

  • Elizabeth Helen currently turns down all proposals involving the use of AI.

Book Boxes

  • For all Book Box inquiries, please reach out to Valentina Sainato at JABberwocky Literary Agency:

Our Agency

If you are unsure about any fan art/fiction, please kindly assume it is not permitted. Please direct any questions about this policy to Valentina Sainato at JABberwocky Literary Agency:

You may also contact our agent directly: Susan Velazquez Colmant at JABberwocky at

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